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Who am i?

I am Nikolaj Ganderup - A dane studying multimediadesign at Business Academy Southwest in Sønderborg, Denmark. I am a creative person, who enjoys spending my time being creative. During my 4th semester i need an internship, which i would prefer being abroad. This is because i want to acquire experience from an international environment, and get out of the comfort of my own country.

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What have i made so far?

1st semester exam


A full redesign of the companys graphic identity, and improved digital visibility.

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Website, menu, promotions etc.


Allround multimedia products

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Icons for this site


I needed icons which looked similar

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What is going on in my life?

Keep up to date with my projects and other interesting news.

New job

I’ve been hired to do more than 100 software icons at AGRAMKOW in Sonderborg. Some will be pretty basic GUI icons, others will be specific to the industry and involve meetings with executives, to provide feedback on the icons. This … Read More

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Now doing graphical work at Asian Wok House

My buddy bought a restaurant, and needed help doing their advertisements etc.

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1st semester exam

1st semester of multimediadesign completed, thats nice.

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